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What to Expect from Miami Cleaning Services by Squeaky Cleaning

Squeaky Cleaning is available to do a variety of cleaning services Miami. Maybe you own an Airbnb, have an office you want to be cleaned, or are looking for a regular cleaning service. We offer premium cleaning at reasonable rates. The staff we’ve hand-selected have been trained to maintain consistent cleaning.

Through our rigorous training, we teach our cleaners how to clean to the highest standards. You can call us to book cleaning times based on your needs. We can discuss what tasks you want to be done and tailor-make a cleaning schedule for your home or business. There are various options when it comes to the kind of cleaning you want.

The cleaners we select have already been cleaning for many years. We often hire our team based on their cleaning and hospitality experience. When you have a cleaning company that has a customer-focused approach, you can approach your cleaners, and they’re happy to help. When you’re looking for a house cleaning services Miami, make sure you check out the reviews. This will give you an idea of how satisfied clients are with their service.

Overview of the Cleaning Services We Provide

Cleaning services Miami includes a full spectrum of services for all your cleaning needs. We offer regular residential cleanings scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. Additionally, we can do deep cleanings a few times a year or as a one-time service. We have a list of extra tasks we can do as well. When you call Squeaky Cleaning, our support staff can walk you through everything we offer.

We also clean office space at your convenience. We offer post-construction and post-renovation cleaning with special state-of-the-art equipment. We get rid of the dust and particles that can cause health issues with our techniques and products.

If you have an event or party, you can call us to clean before and after.
Customized cleaning services are available so if there’s something we haven’t mentioned, call us to find out what other cleaning we do.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services we offer include cleaning office space or other business space. We can come in outside of your working hours, making it more convenient for you. We’ll do the dusting to keep your workspace hygienic and free of allergens. We vacuum, mop, change the garbage, clean the washrooms, and replenish things like toilet paper. We make sure everything is sanitized as well.

Residential Cleaning Services

Our professional cleaners can clean your home on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. If you have an Airbnb in Miami, we offer cleaning services for this. You let us know when you’d like us to come. Basic tasks include cleaning the kitchen bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and sanitizing surfaces. If there are extra tasks you want to be done, let us know, and we can accommodate.

The staff we hire is insured and highly professional, so you’ll feel comfortable having them in your home. We ensure your home is left pristinely clean and sanitized every time we visit.

Moving-In Cleaning Services

Are you moving to a new place? Chances are, they will do some of the cleanings before you move in. However, if you have high standards and want it done right, we can clean the space before moving your things in. This allows us to get into all the corners and get rid of any dust or dirt. We can work around your schedule and get your new home beautiful, clean and fresh before you officially move in.

Moving-Out Cleaning Services

When you’re moving out, you will have a lot of things to think about. The last thing you’ll want to do is spend hours doing a really good cleaning. Often to get your damage deposit back in full, the home will need to be cleaned well. This is where we can help.

Once everything is out of the house or apartment, we can do the deep cleaning needed for a moving-out cleaning. There’s the basic cleaning and extra things like cleaning the oven, the refrigerator, and the inside cabinets. We can take care of this for you to reduce moving stress to focus on the other aspects of moving.

Post-Construction Cleaning

If you’ve had construction done, there will be a lot of debris and dirt left over. There’s only so much a construction company is obligated to do when posting cleaning. It’s important to do a good cleaning because the dust particles left behind can be toxic. Not to mention, your household vacuum and cleaning products won’t be enough to clean up properly. It usually costs less to hire a team of post-construction cleaners than to purchase all the necessary equipment to do it yourself.

We are professionals at post-construction cleaning, ensuring that all the dust and mess is cleaned up once the construction company has left.

Post-Renovation Cleaning

Renovations often create a lot of fine dust, and of course, you still have a crew of people walking through your home with dirty shoes. They may do a quick clean-up of large items, but otherwise, you’ll need to clean up after a renovation. Post-renovation cleaning services include vacuuming with an HVAC, dusting all surfaces of your home, and in between all the nooks and crannies. The cleaners will use specific products to ensure any toxic particles are removed.

Top Reasons Why You Should Hire Squeaky Cleaning Miami Services:

At Squeaky Cleaning Miami, we have trustworthy cleaners that are highly trained. This means that your home will be fully cleaned and sanitized every time. We can help you with your cleaning needs and work around your schedule. We bring our own high-quality, commercial cleaners and our specific techniques that make your home or business shine. Our cleaners are friendly, professional, and trustworthy.

1. Expert Cleaning Technicians

Our cleaners at Squeaky Cleaning Miami have been hand-selected and trained for the highest cleaning standards. Many of our cleaners were previously in the hospitality and cleaning industry for many years. They’re not only great at what they do, but they’re also very friendly and approachable. They are also insured, so if something should happen in your home like something breaks, it can be replaced.

2. Cutting Edge Equipment and Technique

Not only do we have great cleaners, but we also use the best products and the most up-to-date equipment. We use techniques to get the job done quickly and leave you with a clean, hygienic home. We get rid of the dirt you can and can’t see, ensuring a safe home environment while leaving your home looking fantastic. We are open to whatever products you would like to use as well. If you have a special cleaning product you want us to use, we’ll use it instead.

3. Commitment to Excellence

Throughout our whole organization, we are committed to excellence, and this will shine through every cleaning service you get from us. All of our staff is professional and friendly and highly knowledgeable about all things cleaning. We make it easy to arrange your cleaning schedule and what needs to be done to ensure your home is sanitary and clean.

Our highly skilled staff makes sure that everything is cleaned the same way every time. We have a great customer support team to help you determine what tasks you want your cleaning team to do. We offer premier cleaning services at reasonable rates.

4. Reduce Allergens, Toxins, and Pathogens

Not only is your home left looking sparkling clean, but you’ll also have the peace of mind that allergens, toxins, and pathogens are reduced. We used special products and techniques to eliminate any dust that contains harmful chemicals and allergens. This means that the air in your space is fresher and healthier.

Through vacuuming, dusting, and wiping down areas, we reduce the amount of dust in your home that carries harmful toxins. Through regular cleaning, keep up the hygiene of your home for family members. If you have pets, we eliminate the allergens, hair, and dander that they leave behind. We use safe products and are trained to reduce allergens and pathogens from surfaces and in all the nooks and crannies.

Final Notes on Professional Cleaning Services from Squeaky Cleaning

At Squeaky Cleaning, our professional staff will give you premium quality cleaning for a reasonable price. We can come weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or just a one-off for regular or deep cleaning. Whatever your cleaning needs are, we can accommodate you. We are friendly and professional with a focus on exceeding all client expectations. When you call us, we can walk you through the process, and we’ll create the right cleaning regime for your needs. That’s the Squeaky Cleaning difference.

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Lauren C.

“Great job! This company clearly takes pride in they’re work. Our home was left spotless and all the beds were made with care. Pillows arranged nicely on the couch and the bathrooms are sparkling clean.”

Ken B.

“Squeaky Cleaning did an absolutely amazing job cleaning our apartment! They’re name suits them perfectly, they left the space squeaky clean.”

Samantha B.

“I was very pleased with Squeaky Cleaning and especially their customer service team that was very responsive to my requests. The cleaning staff were professional and worked very efficiently. I will definitely be booking again!”

Scott A.

“I would highly recommend Squeaky Cleaning for any cleaning service. The team is very punctual, reliable and take great pride in their work. My home was left neat, clean, and smelling fresh.”

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