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      House Cleaning Services Santa Monica, CA

      Welcome to Squeaky Cleaning, your trusted partner for outstanding house cleaning services in Santa Monica, CA. We bring a blend of expertise, dedication, and attention to detail to ensure your Santa Monica home is not just clean but a rejuvenated and inviting space. Embracing the laid-back yet sophisticated spirit of Santa Monica, our house cleaning caters to the diverse lifestyles and homes in this iconic beachside community. From cozy beachfront cottages to luxurious condos, our skilled team delivers a cleaning experience that elevates the comfort and appeal of your living space. Choose our top-rated Santa Monica house cleaning team for a service that meticulously cares for your home, ensuring every cleanup meets the unique charm and high standards of Santa Monica living. Book with us today and discover a new level of pristine, harmonious living in Santa Monica, California.

      Best Maid Services in Santa Monica – Reliable and Flexible

      In the heart of Santa Monica, where the city’s rhythm meets the tranquility of the beach, Squeaky Cleaning offers the best maid services. We understand that Santa Monica’s unique blend of urban sophistication and seaside charm calls for a special touch in home care. Our professional Santa Monica maids are not just experts in cleaning; they are artisans of your home’s comfort and ambiance. From the classic residences near Palisades Park to the modern apartments downtown, we ensure meticulous care and adaptability.

      Our Santa Monica maids, specialists in personalized home care, meticulously maintain every home from Ocean Avenue to Sunset Park, ensuring each space is not just clean but a true representation of Santa Monica’s charm. We focus on providing a personalized, thorough service, from detailed cleaning to thoughtful organization, ensuring your home reflects the elegance and relaxed vibe of Santa Monica. Choose our maid services for a pristine, harmonious living space that allows you to enjoy the best of Santa Monica without the worries of home upkeep.

      Deep Cleaning Services Santa Monica, CA

      Experience a deeper level of clean with Squeaky Cleaning’s deep cleaning services in Santa Monica, CA. Our approach is thorough and meticulous, tailored to the unique ambiance and lifestyle of Santa Monica’s diverse homes. Whether you’re living in a beachfront property with stunning ocean views or a chic urban apartment, our expert cleaners in Santa Monica use the latest cleaning techniques and eco-friendly products to ensure a comprehensive deep clean from top to bottom. Our deep cleaning service eliminates hidden dust, tackles stubborn stains, and reaches those often-overlooked areas, rejuvenating your space into a spotless, healthy living environment. Let us transform your Santa Monica home with our deep cleaning services, where every detail is handled with care and precision, offering you a refreshed and revitalized living space.

      Home Cleaners in Santa Monica – Professional and Affordable

      Santa Monica’s unique and vibrant spirit is matched by our exceptional cleaning services. We understand the diverse needs of this coastal community and offer cleaning solutions that provide spotless results while fitting within your budget. Whether it’s regular maintenance or an intensive deep clean, our Santa Monica team is ready to exceed your expectations.

      Our Santa Monica cleaners comprise skilled professionals well-versed in the local cleaning requirements. Passionate about delivering pristine results, they uphold the high standards of Santa Monica’s residents, ensuring your home receives the exceptional care it deserves.

      Custom Cleaning Services Santa Monica

      At Squeaky Cleaning, we recognize that every Santa Monica home has its own unique character and cleaning requirements. Our custom cleaning services are tailored to fit this vibrant beach city’s distinctive lifestyles and homes. Whether your residence overlooks the bustling Santa Monica Pier or sits quietly in a more secluded neighborhood, we design our cleaning plans to suit your specific needs. Our dedicated team listens to your preferences, focusing on areas that require special attention or specific cleaning techniques. From thorough cleanings of family areas to careful treatment of delicate surfaces, our goal is to provide a service that not only cleans but also enhances the comfort and charm of your Santa Monica home. Embrace a personalized cleaning experience with Squeaky Cleaning, where every detail is considered to ensure your living space is perfectly maintained.

      Santa Monica Home Cleaning Services

      At Squeaky Cleaning, our mission is to provide home cleaning solutions that resonate with the lifestyle and beauty of this iconic coastal city. From sunlit beachfront homes to stylish urban apartments, our experienced team is dedicated to maintaining the pristine condition of your residence. We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive home cleaning that tidies and enhances the overall ambiance of your Santa Monica home. Our approach is thorough, adaptable, and always respectful of your space and privacy.

      Join the Santa Monica community relying on Squeaky Cleaning for home maintenance. Book our home cleaning services to align with your schedule and enjoy a living space that reflects the beauty and vitality of Santa Monica, CA.

      Residential Cleaning Services Santa Monica

      As a leading cleaning company, we specialize in providing residential cleaning services that capture the essence of Santa Monica living. We understand that each home in this picturesque seaside community has unique charm and cleaning needs. Whether your residence enjoys a panoramic ocean view or lies in the heart of the city, our skilled team delivers cleaning services that are as thorough as they respect your home’s individuality. Utilizing eco-friendly cleaning products and the latest techniques, we ensure every inch of your Santa Monica home is impeccably cleaned, contributing to a healthy, harmonious living environment. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes us the preferred choice for residential cleaning in Santa Monica.

      Emergency Cleaning Services Santa Monica

      In the fast-paced environment of Santa Monica, unexpected cleaning needs can arise at any moment. Squeaky Cleaning is here to respond with our emergency cleaning services, designed to address urgent cleaning situations swiftly and efficiently. Whether it’s a last-minute gathering, a post-event cleanup, or any unforeseen circumstance requiring immediate attention, our team is prepared to deliver high-quality cleaning services at a moment’s notice. We understand the importance of quick, effective action, especially in a bustling community like Santa Monica.

      Our emergency cleaning services rapidly restore your space to pristine condition using eco-friendly products and advanced techniques. Rely on Squeaky Cleaning for emergencies in Santa Monica, where speed, efficiency, and thoroughness are our promise to you. Our cleaning service is open 24 hours a day, and we do same-day cleaning services.

      Competitive Cleaning Service Rates in Santa Monica

      We pride ourselves on offering transparent and fair pricing for our top-tier cleaning services in Santa Monica. Quality cleaning shouldn’t be a luxury; it’s an accessible service for all Santa Monica residents. Reach out for a custom quote that suits your needs and budget.

      Squeaky Cleaning – Your Local Santa Monica Cleaning Company

      As a company rooted in Santa Monica, California, our cleaning services are meticulously crafted to meet the area’s unique standards. We’re renowned for:

      • Award-winning cleaning services tailored to the Santa Monica
      • A wealth of experience in high-end residential cleaning
      • Commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly cleaning solutions
      • Comprehensive insurance for your peace of mind
      • Convenient online booking and transparent communication
      • Consistently outstanding customer feedback

      Read more here about why we are a good fit for your cleaning needs.

      Cleaning Services in Santa Monica – Explore Our Wide Range

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      On-going Cleaning
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      Residential Cleaning
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      Carpet Cleaning
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      Post-Renovation Cleaning
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      Balcony Cleaning
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      Cleaning for Seniors
      Airbnb cleaning
      Airbnb Cleaning
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      Green Housekeeping Cleaning
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      Commercial Cleaning
      Family moving in new house
      Move-in & Move-out Cleaning
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      Apartment & Condo Cleaning
      Modern and large wardrobe in dressing room
      Organizing & Decluttering
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      Post-Construction Cleaning
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      Deep Cleaning


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      Theresa A.

      “I had to call for a last minute deep move out clean as the company I originally scheduled didn’t call or show. Michelle and her team were amazing!! They got in for the clean done quickly but great job kind and wonderful to work with!”

      Ken B.

      “Excellent cleaning. My house was dust free and sparkling. Floors and bathrooms were shining.”

      Saville K.

      “This team did a great job preparing and maintaining an Airbnb that we stayed at. Cleanest and most well prepared Airbnb that we have ever stayed at, period.”

      Erin T.

      “Very happy with the cleaning, everything was shiny and tidy.”

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Our cleaning rates vary depending on how often you have us. Our standard hourly rate is $50/hr, which includes cleaning supplies; however, if you schedule us weekly, biweekly, or monthly, you will get a discount. Read the comprehensive guide on house cleaning costs for further details.

      Deep Cleanings take longer and go deeper than General Cleanings. Typical Deep Cleaning tasks include inside, behind and underneath kitchen appliances, cabinets, windows, baseboards, wiping down walls, all surfaces, deep scrubbing tiles, bathrooms, and floors.

      Yes you can! All our cleaners are handpicked, meticulously trained, background checked and screened for quality assurance.

      For clarification regarding tipping, ask the cleaning company or cleaner directly. However, offering up to 20% of the total cost is typically suggested if you decide to tip. Read the comprehensive guide on how much you tip a house cleaner for further details.

      Yes our company is fully insured and our insurance policy extends to our cleaners.

      We take customer satisfaction very seriously. If you are not satisfied with your cleaning for any reason, reach out to us within 24 hours and let us know what happened. We will do our best to make the situation right.

      We accept all major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard or AMEX. You will not be charged until after the cleaning is complete, we just place a hold on the card two days prior the service date to ensure the funds are available.

      We understand that plans can change which is why our service is fully flexible right up until 48hr in advance of your scheduled cleaning. Let us know before 48hr in advance to avoid our $79 cancellation fee.

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