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House Cleaning Costs in Los Angeles: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to the complete guide on house cleaning costs in Los Angeles! If you’re lucky enough to live in the bustling city of LA and considering hiring a professional cleaning service, you’re in the right place.

Today, we’ll dive deep into understanding the various factors influencing house cleaning costs, providing you with essential insights, tips, and considerations to make informed decisions when looking for the most reasonable house cleaning cost Los Angeles.

What’s the Cost of Cleanliness in Los Angeles?

House cleaning prices in Los Angeles can vary significantly based on several factors. The average cost for professional house cleaning services in this vibrant city typically ranges from $150 to $500.

However, this can fluctuate based on diverse elements such as the size of your home, the specific type of cleaning service required, and your location within Los Angeles or service area.

House Cleaning Costs in Los Angeles

Factors in Calculating Cleaning Service Costs in Los Angeles

There are a few factors to consider when looking for the house cleaning prices that fit your needs.

Home Size

The size of your home stands as one of the most significant factors influencing your average house cleaning cost.

A larger square footage, more bedrooms, bathrooms and exterior spaces generally translates to a higher cleaning cost.

For instance, the average house cleaning cost of a smaller one bedroom apartment or condo will be notably less compared to a larger suburban home.

Basic house cleaning in a large home costs more because of the number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms which require longer cleaning time or multiple cleaners. The national average cost for house cleaning typically is based on per square footage per hour.

Home Type

Different types of residences have distinct cleaning needs that will affect house cleaning prices.

Cleaning a single-family home might involve different tasks compared to cleaning a multi-story townhouse or a studio apartment.

The layout and intricacies of the home type will contribute to the overall cleaning cost.

Room Type(s)

The number and types of rooms being cleaned also impact the cost. The more stories, rooms, and spaces means there will be more doors, handles, baseboards, and finer details to pay attention to.

For instance, a house cleaning service that focuses on kitchens and bathrooms might have a different pricing structure than one that includes window cleaning or covers the entire house.

Home Condition

The current condition of your home significantly influences the cost. A regularly maintained home will incur lower costs compared to a residence that hasn’t been deep cleaned thoroughly for a long time.

Type of Cleaning Task

Different house cleaning tasks carry different price tags.

Additional services, including deep cleaning, window cleaning, vacant house cleaning, gutter cleaning, and waxing floors may cost more per square foot than regular maintenance or basic cleaning services.

These services typically involve stronger cleaning supplies, along with more detailed and comprehensive cleaning tasks.


The amount of labor involved in a cleaning service is a substantial part of the overall house cleaning price.

This cost includes the number of cleaning professionals involved, their expertise, and the time taken to complete the cleaning tasks.

Geographic Location

The specific location within Los Angeles can affect house cleaning rates due to varying living costs and market demands in different neighborhoods.

In addition, some professional cleaning services Los Angeles will charge an additional fee if your home is outside of their service area. It’s important to find a local service provider who regularly visits your neighborhood.

House Cleaning Costs in Los Angeles - A complete guide

Additional Costs & Considerations

Independent Cleaner vs. Cleaning Company

Cleaning prices per hour can vary depending on whether you’re in the market for an independent cleaning contractor, or a professional maid service.

If you decide to hire a house cleaner, independents may offer lower rates, but could lack the insurance and accountability of professional cleaning companies. It could be very risky to hire house cleaners directly who are not backed by a company who has a reputation at stake, background checks conducted and insurance in place. It’s also unclear if they will bring their own cleaning supplies or rely on the client to supply what is needed to get the job done right.

One-Time Cleaning vs. Recurring Cleaning

The cleaning frequency of a house cleaner can also impact the overall cost of a house cleaning service.

Generally speaking, cleaning service providers will offer one-time cleaning, and/or on-going house cleaning services.

A one-time cleaning may cost more per hour, while signing up for a recurring or weekly cleaning service might provide discounted rates for longer-term routine cleaning. There may also be package deals available which bring down the per hour cost for a space with a larger square footage.

Move-In or Move-Out Cleaning

If you’re in the market for a move-in or move-out cleaning service, keep in mind it may be priced differently per square foot as these types of house cleaning services usually involve more extensive tasks and specialized cleaning products.

cost of cleaning house in los angeles

After-Event Cleaning

Post-event house cleaning may also come at a different cost than a standard cleaning, especially if it’s a good party! It’s important to consider the cleanup requirements after a party or gathering since you won’t want to ask your guests to help or take care of it yourself.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product Usage

Many house cleaning companies offer eco-friendly cleaning services for those that are more sensitive to pungent smells and harsh chemicals.

Opting for these non-toxic and eco friendly cleaning supplies might come at a slightly higher cost due to the added expenses associated with these specialized cleaning agents.


Gratuities for house cleaning services are not always necessary but are always appreciated. This will impact your overall house cleaning cost but for a good reason.

house cleaning service cost in LA, CA

Does My Los Angeles Home Need a House Cleaning Service?

Recognizing the signs indicating the need for a thorough house cleaning job is essential. Your place may need to be freshened up or it simply hasn’t had a full deep cleaning in a while.

The tell tale signs that your place needs a deep cleaning include recent illness, excessive dust, allergy symptoms, unpleasant smells, discolored walls and floors, and the presence of mold.

house cleaning cost in Los Angeles

How to Save Money on Deep Cleaning Your Los Angeles Home

Here are some tips to save on deep cleaning costs: provide your own supplies, schedule during off-peak times, declutter beforehand, engage in regular house cleaning duties and consider bundle discounts for additional services. Reach out to us today to discuss our customized house cleaning cost calculator.

Questions to Ask Your Los Angeles Cleaning Company

It’s crucial to ask the right questions to ensure you’re getting the best possible house cleaning service.

When obtaining a quote, ask about the areas in which they service, the time a deep clean takes, how to prepare your house for service, availability of cleaning supplies, and flexibility regarding your preferences.

This comprehensive house cleaning pricing guide aims to help you understand the per hour costs associated with house cleaning services in Los Angeles, providing you with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions and choose the right house cleaning services for your specific needs.

At Squeaky Cleaning, we’re a cleaning company that understands the stress of cleaning and hard work it takes to clean your home. We’re always happy to discuss the house cleaning cost of professional house cleaning; plus we have all the cleaning supplies you would ever need!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or simply wish get some help with an ongoing, standard or deep cleaning, or any other type of cleaning services, we’re here to help. Discuss your needs, what makes us different from other house cleaning companies and how we go about providing you with house cleaning prices that fit your budget.

Get a quote today and speak to a team member about the cleaning service that works best for you. We are looking forward to your squeaky clean home!


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