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The Best Post Renovation Cleaning Tips and Guide

When you have contractors working in your home, it’s likely they’re going to leave a major mess. It usually is not in a contractor’s contract to do a deep clean when they’re finished. While they may use some preventative measures and do a bit of sweeping for larger debris, your home is going to likely have a film of dust.

Contractors don’t take their shoes off as they come and go from your home so there will be a lot of dirt on the floor as well. A post-reno deep clean is time consuming. You may want to have a professional cleaning service Los Angeles come in to do it. If you choose to do it yourself, there are some good post renovation cleaning tips out there.

Renovation clean-up services.

If you opt to have someone come in and clean your home, it costs more than regular cleanings. This is because the clean is much deeper and there’s a lot more effort involved. If you decide to take it on yourself, you’ll see what we mean.

Post Renovation Cleaning Tips

Essential Post Renovation Cleaning Tips

Having a feather duster is going to reduce the amount of time you dust. Dusting will have to be done all over your home and surfaces once the renovation is complete. You want to have the most effective method to tackle it all.

Feather duster or products like a Swiffer Duster allow you to quickly dust. It’s easy to do and you can quickly move through your home. The best thing to do is start on the top level of your home and work your way down.

Vacuuming your floors will get rid of all the dust as well. Make sure to mop to further get rid of the fine dust that has settled. You’ll want to vacuum every room and in all corners.

If construction included drywall, you’ll want to avoid vacuuming up drywall dust. When you use a normal vacuum, the drywall dust is so fine that it can clog it. For this kind of clean up, you should use a heavy-duty vacuum that has a HEPA filter.

Here are some essential post renovation cleaning tips:

The following are steps to fully clean up your home after a renovation:

  • Sweep/vacuum surfaces, including ceilings and walls
  • Sweep/vacuum, mop, and disinfect floors
  • Vacuum furniture, drapes, and any other upholstery
  • Wipe down everything in your home like doors, doorknobs, baseboards, moldings, and hardware
  • Wipe-down and sanitize bathrooms and kitchens
  • Dust window interiors including sills and frames
  • Dust ducts, grates, vents, ceiling fans, and lighting fixtures
  • Clean inside closets
  • Removal any of the renovation trash that the contractor didn’t remove

Every job is different so where the dirt and remnants of construction will vary. There is likely to be a thin layer of dust on everything. There will be a lot of dirt and debris on the floor. You’ll have to pay attention to dust and wipe every surface where dust can sit. There’s going to be a layer of debris on any surface, even the smallest details in your cupboard. You’re going to have to move everything to get into all the corners.

Cleaning throughout is essential though as there will be different particles released into the air during renovations. This can include toxins, dust, mold spores, and silicates. Any fresh paint can give off fumes. It will be important to let air circulate through your home. This is why we recommend spring/summer renovations. This will allow you to open up all your windows once construction has been completed.

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