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Top 10 Ways To Keep Your House Clean

10 Ways To Keep Your House Clean

10 Ways To Keep Your House Clean

Here are the top 10 ways to keep your house clean even with a busy schedule and chaotic household. These tasks don’t take long but they have a way of creating order in your home. This is going to free up your weekends and keep your home in order. There are a few tidying tactics that don’t take much time but make an impact on how clean your home feels.

1. Make Your Bed after You Wake Up

If you can make it a habit to get out of bed and make it right away, it doesn’t take long. It’s the most visible surface in your room. If your bed isn’t made, it is going to feel messy. Use a duvet without sheets if you want to spend even less time making your bed. All you have to do is straighten it out, which takes less than a minute.

2. Empty Out Your Dishwasher

If you make it a routine to turn on your dishwasher after dinner, you’ll have clean and dry dishes in the morning. It takes just a few minutes to empty out your dishwasher in the morning, which prevents dishes from piling up throughout the day. This is going to keep your kitchen looking cleaner because dishes will be put in the empty dishwasher. Do this while you’re waiting for your morning coffee to be made.

3. Clean Up As You Cook

While you’re cooking, you may be waiting around. This is a great opportunity to clean as you go. Before you start doing any cooking, you may want to get rid of anything in your way and wipe down the counters with an all-purpose cleaner. If the dishwasher is empty (because you emptied it in the morning), you can quickly load any dishes that are in your way. As you’re cooking, rinse dirty dishes. The sooner they’re rinsed, the less food will stick, and the easier it is to clean.

4. Do Laundry Daily

Depending on how busy your home is and how many people live in it, you may find it best to do one load of laundry daily. If your washing machine has a delayed start cycle, you can get it started so that it ends just before you arrive home from work. Set a reminder on your phone so when you do get home, you don’t forget you have clothes that need to go in the dryer.

After dinner, you can fold clothes while you enjoy watching TV. Dealing with one load of laundry at a time means you won’t have a lot to put away at once. You can organize what laundry is done on what days so it’s easier to put away.

5. Wipe Sinks and Faucets in the Bathroom and Kitchen

You can do a quick wipe of your bathroom sinks and faucets in the morning. You can use disinfecting wipes to quickly make sinks and faucets shine. Simply wipe the basin of the sink and faucet. If you don’t like the waste or the cost of disinfecting wipes, you can use an old t-shirt and an all-purpose spray. For easy access, hide it under the sink. While you’re in your kitchen doing a bit of house cleaning while making dinner, you can clean your sink and faucet with dish soap.

6. Sort/Recycled Paper

If you, like most households, get a lot of mail, flying, magazines, and other bits of paper, they can pile up fast. Make sure to take a look at the paper you’ve received and determine whether you’re keeping it or throwing it away. Create piles. You may want to have a shredder handle junk mail.

Make sure to put bills in an area that is easily accessible when you’re ready to pay them. Throw away any flyers you don’t need in the recycle bin. If you do this daily, you’ll avoid a large pile of overwhelming papers that make your home seem messier than it is.

7. Clean Up After Yourself

To avoid having to do extra work the following day, clean up after yourself. If you were watching TV and snacking, clean it up when you’re heading to bed. You can lead by example and let others in the household know that you expect them to do the same. Cleaning things up as you’re leaving a room just makes good sense and saves you time.

8. End of Day Kitchen Clean

Straighten up your kitchen after dinner or just before you’re going to bed. This might mean things like cleaning the coffee maker and setting it up for the morning. Put away the clutter on the counters and take out the garbage if it’s full.

9. Utilize Doormats

By putting down doormats in the high traffic areas like your entryway, less dirt will be tracked into your home. It’s easy enough to shake a mat outside or vacuum them every few days.

10. Create a House Cleaning Schedule

There are printable house cleaning schedules online. This can greatly help you keep your house clean by organizing your days. You can decide what works best for you and keep a checklist. This is going to keep you, and hopefully others in your home motivated to do the essential cleaning daily so there’s no build-up.

These 10 ways to keep your house clean are just small tasks that don’t take much time. If you do a little every day, you won’t have to spend a whole day doing a major cleaning every week.

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