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While it might not be your idea of a good time, cleaning your home is important. Not just to give it the appearance of being tidy and clean but also for health reasons. Dusting should occur regularly to avoid breathing in harmful allergens and other toxins. Sanitizing will help keep your family free of flu and colds. Having a clean and tidy home can also help your mental state. There are plenty of benefits to having a clean home, and here are some helpful tips for cleaning your house effectively and fast. This will help you to clean less and enjoy more free time.  

House Cleaning Tips

Many might think it’s a good idea to clean room by room, but this isn’t the most efficient method. If you’re dusting, go through the whole house and dust. This is the same if you’re vacuuming and mopping. This will make it easier because you’re not dragging all the supplies and equipment from room to room. If you’re looking to sanitize, you can do the kitchen counters, high-traffic areas like door handles, and bathroom counters. 

Use a Cleaning Caddy

A cleaning caddy is a kind of like an assistant that allows you to carry everything you need at once. This way, you don’t have to look for cleaning tools and supplies. You cannot carry everything you need in your arms from room to room. Having a caddy allows you to bring everything you need all at once. 

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is going to make you feel like it’s an impossible job to clean your home. Cleaning around a bunch of things takes more effort than just getting them out of the way and organizing them. Clutter can confuse you when trying to clean up, so get it out of the way. Do the minimalist task of looking at each piece of clutter and figuring out if you should keep it, get rid of it, or donate it. This is a very cleansing experience, and you might be surprised at how much better you feel mental by getting rid of clutter. 

Dust and Vacuum Simultaneously

We don’t mean try to vacuum and dust simultaneously, but if you’re in a room, you can dust first and then vacuum. Dust from top to bottom, including all surfaces, shelves, picture frames, and decor. If there are places you can’t reach, get a microfiber cloth and tie it to the end of your broom. This allows you to get to all those places, and microfiber attracts the dust, so it’s not as messy as you might think. Once you’ve dusted a room, vacuum yourself out of the room. 

Another thing about vacuuming doesn’t worry too much about getting into every nook. Just vacuum back and forth in one pass and move throughout your home. If you’re vacuuming regularly, you’re going to keep the carpet clean by way of repetition. Waiting a long time to vacuum will take a lot more time. It’s better to keep it regularly, so it takes a short time. 

Wipe Down Glass and Mirrors at the Same Time

You can take your preferred window cleaner with you as you go through your home. You use the same product for glass and mirrors, so you may as well tackle them at once. Go through your whole home and focus only on mirrors and glass. That’s one less cleaning supply you’ll need to think about. This is one of the last things you may want to do as you can also use window cleaner and a cloth to shine up your faucets after they’ve been cleaned. 

Sanitize and Disinfect Countertops/Surfaces

Go through your whole house with the cleaners you use to disinfect and sanitize surfaces. Wipe down your countertops, appliances, doorknobs, light switches, and other high-traffic places. Anywhere you can think of where people are constantly putting their hands onto things. This is something you should do quite regularly.

Make Tubs, Sinks, and Toilets One Task

Clean your tub, sink, and toilet all at once. If you have multiple washrooms, you can spray them all first and let the cleaner set. This is going to help get rid of dirt and stains. Start by spraying the kitchen sink and then onto the bathrooms. Go back to the kitchen and scrub or wipe any dirt and stains. Then you can move on to the bathroom appliances, cleaning the toilets last. 

Mop the Whole House at Once

The last thing you’ll do is the mop. You might have different floor types, so if you have wood and tile and use different cleaning products, clean the tiles first and then the wood. You want to mop from the furthest corner of every room and move back towards the door. Mopping yourself into a corner is annoying, so take a look at your steps before proceeding.

Create a Schedule

Some cleaning tasks to keep your home clean don’t need to be done all the time. If you create a schedule, you can easily do the extras like monthly waxing furniture. You can decide how often you think you should clean bath mats or do the outside windows. Keeping a schedule will remind you of your original plan. 

Don’t forget to clean up your tools from time to time. This might mean putting your mophead in the washing machine if it’s machine washable. Replace rags and scrubbers if they get too filthy. Having clean products makes them more efficient and aids you in your efficient cleaning. If you have a family willing to participate, you might want to get them on the action of keeping the house clean. If more than one person is willing to clean, it goes much faster. Also, anyone taking part in the cleaning is more mindful of making messes afterward. It might be fun as well. If you’re still not convinced that cleaning is for you, you’ve got options. You can always have a cleaner come in once for a full, deep clean or perhaps more regularly. Then you can do a bit of maintenance when necessary.

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