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Best Way To Cleaning Marble Shower

Marble flooring is a great way to give any home a more luxurious feel, and installing marble floors can completely transform the look of your space. Regular marble shower cleaning and maintenance are key to ensuring your marble floors remain pristine. Whether polished to a shine or spotlessly clean, you can easily keep them looking new for years with minimal effort and time. 

Cleaning marble shower regularly preserves its beauty and prevents dirt and grime buildup. Learn the steps to effective marble shower cleaning to maintain your bathroom’s tidiness.

Cleaning Marble Shower

Marble Shower Cleaning daily

Marble adds a luxurious feel to your bathroom, but unfortunately, it is prone to etching from hard water deposits. Therefore, it is essential to keep your shower clean and germ-free. Follow these simple steps every day to keep a sparkling clean shower:

  • After each shower, wipe down the surfaces and tiles to remove any water droplets. It is important to take extra care when cleaning marble shower surfaces, as soap residue and minerals from hard water can damage its surface. Taking the proper steps to care for your marble can help it stay in good condition for longer.
  • For optimal hygiene, keeping a stack of clean microfiber towels handy in the bathroom is recommended. This will help you and your family to wipe away soap and other residues from the shower walls regularly, making microfiber towels a smart choice for bathroom cleanliness and convenience. They are easy to clean and dry quickly, so everyone in the family can regularly wipe down the shower walls.

Cleaning Marble Shower Thoroughly

Based on your shower usage, the marble in your bathroom will need regular Cleaning to maintain its sparkle. The frequency of these marble shower cleanings should be adjusted accordingly. For example, if several people use the shower daily, you might need to wash the tiles a few times a week. On the other hand, if you only use your shower once or twice a day, you might only need to clean it once every two weeks, in addition to drying the walls after each use.

Store-bought cleaners can make marble shower cleaning easier, provided the manufacturer’s instructions indicate doing so. If not, a simple DIY method works just as well; see below.

Materials Required: To effectively clean surfaces, you will need a spray bottle of warm water mixed with one tablespoon of mild dishwashing liquid and some microfiber cloths.

  1. Shake the spray bottle to mix the marble shower cleaning solution. Then spray the DIY solution evenly on the marble surfaces of your shower.
  2. Use vertical or horizontal strokes when applying the solution to the shower walls for the best results.
  3. Pay extra attention to areas with mildew or soap scum buildup. Remember that you only need to clean the surface and not rub it into the stone structure.
  4. After applying the solution to the marble shower surfaces, rinse them with clean water for a clean finish.
  5. Wipe shower surfaces with a clean microfiber cloth until they are dry.
  6. Finally, use protective sealants or waxes on the marble surfaces to keep them looking their best for years to come.

Tips for Keeping Marble Showers Clean for Longer 

  • For the best results, it is important to use pH-neutral cleaners when cleaning marble showers. Products with dyes and acidic elements, such as lemon, vinegar, and citrus-based soaps, should be avoided, as they may cause permanent discoloration. Commercial cleaners with an acidic base should be avoided, as they could damage granite. Homemade mixtures containing vinegar or lemon juice should also be avoided and not be used to clean marble showers.
  • When cleaning marble showers, care should be taken, as stiff-bristled cleaning tools can cause permanent scratches on the surface. Therefore, scrapers, coarse sponges, and scrub brushes should be avoided.
  • Avoid using harsh cleaning solutions such as ammonia or bleach, as they can damage the surface of the marble.
  • In areas where the water contains a high concentration of minerals such as calcium and magnesium carbonates, it is recommended to dry or squeegee marble bathroom tiles to ensure they adhere firmly. This is because these minerals are known to bind to marble better than to any other tile material.
  • If water no longer beads up on the marble or a shower looks darker when wet, it’s time to reseal. You can do this yourself with a commercial sealant or hire a professional for the job. Resealing will restore its shine and preserve the integrity of the marble surface.

Is it necessary to use a sealer when cleaning marble showers?

A common question is whether or not marble showers need to be sealed every few months, and the answer will depend on your environment and how often you use the marble surface. With proper care and attention, resealing is only necessary if wear and tear are apparent. To conclude, following the steps above will help you maintain a marvellous surface with minimal maintenance.

For those who don’t want to seal your marble shower, getting professional marble shower cleaning every six months is essential to prevent mould. With proper maintenance and regular Cleaning, this problem should never arise again.

Additionally, keep in mind that properly cleaning marble showers can help you save money by preventing future costly repairs or replacements. Furthermore, routine marble sealing prevents stains and effortlessly restores the sheen and brilliance of your marble. 

Hire a Marble Shower Cleaning Professional in Fort Lauderdale

When you’ve cleaned everything you can think of and still aren’t getting the desired results, it’s time to hire a professional in Fort Lauderdale to clean the marble shower. Professional marble shower cleaning in Fort Lauderdale can help protect your marble and completely restore your stone.


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