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Cleaning Tips for Busy Mom

If you’re a busy mom, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time cleaning your home. Even if you have older kids, they barely clean up after themselves let alone help you with the cleaning. There are some cleaning tips that can help you quickly clean up. If you keep an organized schedule, it can be quite helpful. Here are some helpful cleaning tips to keep your home looking great without too much time and effort.

Cleaning Tips for Busy Mom

Get the Worst Part Over First

The most daunting chores should be tackled first. They are usually the hardest and when left undone, can cause you stress. Do this first and you’ll feel much calmer and more confident that you can tackle everything else.

Find a Specific Clean-Up Time

It helps to designate a specific time every day when you take on the daily cleaning chores. This is helpful for your small children as well. For example, if you can do a clean-up time at 3:00 pm where your kids clean up toys and you tackle what’s on your list, there is less resistance. When you have a clean-up routine every day, it becomes a habit and it’s no effort to do.

Declutter in an Organized Way

You can declutter in an organized fashion by starting from one end of the house to the other. Put everything away that belongs in the room you’re working on. Put everything else in a bin. Throw garbage away and laundry in a bin. You can choose what you’ll throw out and put away. When you’re done in a room, move to the next. The house cleaning tip here is to have a basket where you can throw them in. Later, you can work on figuring out whether you want to keep things or throw them out.

Clean Floors at One Time

Clean all your floors in one session. Instead of putting away the floor cleaning supplies and taking them back out, have a day where all you clean is the floor. This is a way of being efficient and will be much faster. You can vacuum the house without focusing on other aspects of cleaning and this should take no time at all.

Clean and Cook

While you’re cooking, do some cleaning. Especially clean the mess you’re making while cooking but also take the time to wipe down the counters. Often while you’re cooking, you’re going to have a few minutes of downtime. Take advantage of this and choose something to clean. Maybe it’s the toaster or inside the microwave. Rinse out any bowls or pots you’re no longer using. Fill up the dishwasher with dirty dishes.

Clean Windows and Mirrors

Set a day where you’ll focus only on cleaning the windows and mirrors. You can use the same cleaning product for both so you can just walk around the house and tackle windows and mirrors quickly.


While we’re giving you some cleaning tips that involve only focusing on one task, there’s also multi-tasking. As a mom, you’re already a master of doing this so use it to clean. If you need to make an appointment, make the call while you’re folding laundry. Rinse your dishes and then wipe down the counters. If there are things that need to soak, do that while you do a bit of cleaning around the sink.

Wipe Down the Bathroom Quickly

It’s important to maintain your bathroom as it can get messy really fast. Doing a daily wipe down with easy-to-use wipes like Clorox ScrubSingles disinfects and cleans your toilet, sink, doors, walls, and cabinets fast. Just focus more on the high traffic areas that you know are dirty and grimy. This is a quick way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and germ-free.

These are some quick ways you can keep your home clean without spending hours on it.

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