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Los Angeles Holiday Cleaning Secrets That Make Tidying Up Easy

The holiday season in Los Angeles is a time of joy and laughter, but it means ensuring your home is primed for celebrations.

Preparing your home might seem daunting. Fear not! Our holiday clean-up guide reveals secrets and insider tips that will ensure your space gleaming throughout the holiday season.

So embrace the festivities and let’s make your holiday cleanup a breeze.

Los Angeles Holiday Cleaning Tips

Table of Contents

  1. Holiday Cleaning Checklist
    • Kitchen
    • Dining Room
    • Living Room
    • Bathroom
    • Bedroom
    • Entryway
    • Common Areas & Floors
  2. Emergency Holiday Cleanup Guide: When Hosting Holiday Guests
    • Spilled Wine During a Holiday Visit
      • Red Wine on Carpet
      • Red Wine on Tablecloth
      • Red Wine on Clothing
      • White Wine Spills
    • Condiment and Drink Stains During Holiday Dinner
      • Mustard Stains
      • Coffee or Tea Stains
  3. Post-Holiday Cleanup
    • Lipstick Stains on Napkins
    • Dripped Wax on Coffee tables
  4. What if I Need Help with My Holiday Cleanup in Los Angeles?
  5. How Much does a Holiday Cleanup Cost?


Holiday Cleaning Checklist

Holiday cleanup can feel overwhelming, however with a strategic approach and a well-organized checklist, tidying up becomes more manageable.

Quick Holiday Cleaning Plan: Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home, especially during the holidays.

  1. Declutter Countertops: Clear kitchen counters of unnecessary items, creating more space and a neater appearance.
  2. Appliances and Surfaces: Wipe down large and small appliances, countertops, and surfaces. Pay special attention to stovetops, ovens, and microwaves.
  3. Organize Pantry and Fridge: Discard expired items, organize shelves, and make room for holiday cooking.
  4. Sweep and Mop Floors: Ensure the kitchen floor is clean.

Having a clean and organized kitchen sets the tone for a warm welcome for your holiday guests.

Quick Holiday Cleaning Plan: Dining Room

Here’s a checklist to ensure your dining room is guest-ready:

  1. Polish and Clean Surfaces: Wipe down the dining room table, chairs, and surfaces.
  2. Check Tableware and Cutlery: Ensure enough clean dishes, glasses, and utensils are readily available for guests.
  3. Create a Festive Centerpiece: Enhance the atmosphere with a decorative centerpiece, like fresh flowers that embraces the holiday spirit.

holiday cleaning tips


Quick Holiday Cleaning Plan: Living Room

The living room is often the primary space for socializing and relaxation.

  1. Dust and Vacuum: Dust surfaces, including shelves, tables, and decorations. Vacuum carpets – don’t forget the corners and underneath furniture.
  2. Fluff Pillows and Blankets: Straighten and fluff pillows, throws, and blankets.
  3. Arrange Seating: Ensure there’s enough seating available, arranged in a way that promotes conversation and comfort.


Quick Holiday Cleaning Plan: Bathroom

Keeping your bathroom clean enhances guest comfort and a happy stay.

  1. Clean and Disinfect: A thorough cleanup includes a streak free reflection in your bathroom mirrors, spotless sink, toilet, plus a shower or bathtub free of soap scum. Don’t overlook the shower curtain, shower door, and light fixtures.
  2. Fresh Towels and Toiletries: Provide clean towels and stock up on extra toiletries for your guests.
  3. Empty Trash Bin: Make sure the garbage disposal is empty.


Quick Holiday Cleaning Plan: Bedroom

If guests are staying over, ensure the guest bedroom is cozy and welcoming.

  1. Fresh Linens: Change guest room bed linens, ensuring the fresh sheets and throw blankets are neatly arranged.
  2. Declutter and Arrange Space: Clear away out of season items and clutter to create space for overnight guests to place their personal belongings comfortably.
  3. Consider Extra Touches: Adding extra blankets or pillows can make the room more inviting.


Quick Holiday Cleaning Plan: Entryway

The entryway is the first space guests see, make it a warm and inviting tone once your guests arrive.

  1. Clear Entryway: Ensure the entryway is free from clutter, allowing guests to enter comfortably.
  2. Coat and Shoe Area: Provide space for guests to hang coats and store shoes neatly.
  3. Add a Festive Touch: Consider a seasonal wreath or decoration to welcome guests at the entrance.


Quick Holiday Cleaning Plan: Common Areas & Floors

Once the essential areas are prepared, give a final touch to common areas and floors:

  1. Vacuum or Mop Common Areas: Ensure floors are clean and free of debris.
  2. Final Check: Scan through all areas, doing a quick spot clean or dusting where needed.


Emergency Holiday Cleanup Guide: When Hosting Holiday Guests

Spilled Wine During a Holiday Visit


Here’s how to remove stains efficiently:

Red Wine on Carpet

  • Immediately blot the area with clean dish clothes or paper towels.
  • Create a solution of water and dish soap to dab the stained area gently. Rinse and blot until the stain lightens.

Red Wine on Tablecloth

  • Sprinkle salt over the stained area. After a few minutes, rinse with cold water and machine wash using a stain remover.

Red Wine on Clothing

  • Rinse with cold water, then treat the stain with a mixture of vinegar and water before washing.

White Wine Spills

  • Use a damp paper towel to blot the spill and then clean the area with soapy water.


Condiment and Drink Stains During Holiday Dinner

Here’s how to clean stains from condiments:

Holiday Cleanup: Mustard Stains

  • Remove excess mustard, rinse the area with cold water, then treat the stain with a detergent solution before washing.

Holiday Cleanup: Coffee or Tea Stains

  • Blot the stain and treat it with a mix of room temperature water and vinegar. Then wash as usual.

holiday cleaning tips


Post-Holiday Cleanup

Holiday Cleanup: Lipstick Stains on Napkins

Here’s a simple remedy for lipstick stains:

  • Apply a small amount of dish soap or detergent on the stain and gently rub the fabric together. Wash using cold water.

Holiday Cleanup: Dripped Wax on Coffee tables

Here’s how to remove candle wax stains:

  • Place a cloth over the affected area and gently iron over it. The heat melts the wax, allowing it to be absorbed by the cloth.


What if I Need Help with My Holiday Cleanup in Los Angeles?

If the holiday rush seems overwhelming, consider seeking professional assistance that can alleviate the burden, allowing you to focus on hosting your holiday guests without stress.

cleaning tips in Los Angeles

How Much does a Holiday Cleanup Cost?

Understanding the factors that influence costs helps in planning and budgeting for a professional cleaning service.

  • Size of the Property: Larger properties generally require more time and resources, impacting the overall cost.
  • Scope of Cleaning: The extent of cleanup required, such as specific services like a deep clean or upholstery, affects the price.
  • Service Provider Rates: Different companies have varying rates, so it’s advisable to get quotes or estimates tailored to your specific needs.


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